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Embark on a thrilling full-day tour exploring the wonders of Ica! Start your adventure with a visit to the stunning Ballestas Islands, where you can witness diverse marine wildlife in their natural habitat. Continue with a captivating city tour, uncovering the rich history and culture of Ica. Conclude your journey with an unforgettable experience in the Huacachina oasis, where you can enjoy the breathtaking desert landscapes and exciting buggy and sandboarding activities. This tour offers a perfect blend of nature, history, and adventure, making it an ideal getaway for all types of travelers.


Pick up at 5 am from your hotel, before we depart to the town of Paracas by van, where we’ll arrive around 9:30 am to prepare for our excursion to the most important wildlife sanctuary on the peruvian coast; Ballestas Islands. A motor boat ride takes us there from Paracas Peninsula, to where we can also observe the “Candelabro”, a giant figure made in the sand. Sea lions, booby birds, pelicans, penguins and other sea birds can be seen here, and we’ll have some free time to take photos of the exotic animals on display before returning to the dock. Trip will take around two hours.

Afterward we visit the well-known winery in Ica, where we walk through its facilities to taste its wines, piscos, cachinas and learn about the elements that are used for their artesanal production. Here we have lunch (not included), you’ll find typical food from Ica.

Then we head to the desert oasis of Huacachina, where we enjoy the impressive landscapes of the Huacachina lagoon surrounded by immense sand dunes that we conquer in the buggy and sandboarding tour. We’ll also see the Huacachina mermaid monument before we return to the capital of Lima!

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